SFCS Adopter Conference 2017:

Live Life and Love Healing


We are delighted to announce that booking for our annual conference is now open! Booking information can be found at the bottom of this webpage.

We hope you will join us on Friday 24th November, when we will be welcoming Denise Golding and Zach Gomm to Milton Keynes.  Denise and Zach will present a workshop for parents and professionals, based on the ground-breaking parent training, The Great Behavior Breakdown by Bryan Post.

Adoptive and foster parents whose children have suffered abuse or trauma, or parents of children with ASD / ADHD, require specialist knowledge and skills in order to parent successfully and maintain their own and their children’s emotional and physical well-being. This parenting approach has helped even the most difficult of family situations find stability and healing.

This training programme acknowledges the importance of educating both parents and professionals to enhance parenting and support skills in order to meet children’s needs adequately.

Denise and Zach will provide parents and professionals alike with actual strategies for multiple and complex behaviours including aggression, defiance, sexualized behaviours, self-harm, lack of eye contact and social skills.


I am super excited to recommend my friends and UK Certified Great Behavior Breakdown Trainers, Denise & Zach.

They are creative and dynamic trainers who will provide professionals and parents with a clear model for understanding challenging behaviors as well as an extremely effective toolbox of positive strategies, techniques and resources to implement every single day.

Denise and Zach have lived this parenting model as well as taught it and their dedication and passion for ‘love-based’, relationship-focused parenting is very evident in their delivery of this model and the consistently high feedback and results they receive. If you have the opportunity to hear these two please bring an open-heart and a hungry mind, you are in for a life-changing experience!

Bryan Post, author of The Great Behavior Breakdown

To book your place on the annual conference, please download the conference leaflet, complete the booking form and return it to us as directed.

We have a limited number of reduced rate tickets available to SFCS adopters. If you adopted through SFCS, please contact us on 01908 572700 or email enquiries@sfcs.org.uk to secure your reduced rate place before returning your booking form. Thank you.

We look forward to seeing you in November!

“I thought the Great Behavior Breakdown (GBB) training was the best workshop I’d ever attended. It was brought alive by the dynamism of the two presenters and the fact that they had evidently been ‘converted’ to GBB and actually lived by its principles. They reinforced that my daughter’s behaviours are fear-based, plain and simple. The course gave me a renewed sense of confidence to give my daughter the support she needs around behaviour and attachment issues.” A 'Live Life and Love Healing' delegate, London