Adoption resources

Here you will find links to adoption resources and information produced by SFCS, as well as useful links to external organisations which offer information for potential, prospective and approved adopters.  If you have any queries about any of our adoption resources, please do get in touch.


Adoption Information Pack 
This document explains every step of the adoption process in detail, helping potential adopters to fully understand what’s involved in becoming an adoptive parent.

The Adoption Process – A Step-by-Step Overview
Everyone’s experience of adoption will be unique, but this document will give you a snapshot of the road to adoption, including all of the training and support you will be offered by SFCS.

SFCS Adoption Myth Buster
Here, we explode some of the myths which surround adoption. Think you can’t adopt? You may be pleasantly surprised!

Real Adoption Stories
We share eight stories from couples or individuals who became parents with the help of our Adoption Connections service.  Their circumstances are diverse, and their routes to becoming parents were all different.


What adopted young people say

As part of Big Adoption Day 2016, a large group of adopted young people were surveyed. The survey wanted to find out how young people felt about being adopted, how they viewed their families and lifestyles, and how they felt about their futures.

The key findings of the survey can be found here. The experiences and views of the group were brought together to create an animation, which you can view here.



What adopters say

Building on the success of Big Adoption Day 2016, independent adoption agencies in England began working with adoptive parents to put together two additional animations.

The first animation shares the experiences of adoptive families, discusses the ups and downs of the process, and offers advice directly from those people who know what it is to be an adoptive parent.


Support Networks

The second animation focuses on the importance of support from your family and friends. The journey to adoption can be emotional and challenging at times, and having a strong support network who are there for you at every step is vital.

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“The first time we tried to adopt, it was very negative. We approached St Francis’ Children’s Society fully prepared to be misread, misunderstood and to withstand months of negative projection to complete our family. Thankfully it’s been a supportive, sensitive experience where we have explored our relationships and our parenting skills.”

Family feet

An SFCS adopter

Useful links


A dedicated information service, providing clear and impartial advice, for people interested in adopting a child in England.

Consortium of Voluntary Adoption Agencies (CVAA)

Membership organisation for Voluntary Adoption Agencies in the UK.  SFCS is a member.

New Family Social

A membership organisation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) adoptive and foster families in the UK.

Children's Legal Centre

Providing legal information and representation on all issues of the law relating to children and young people.


A leading organisation dedicated to improving outcomes for children and young people in care, by supporting the agencies and professionals who work with them.  SFCS is a member.

Adoption UK

Charity providing support, awareness and understanding for those parenting or supporting children who cannot live with their birth parents.

NHS Choices

A helpful web page which looks at the particular health needs your adopted child may have.

Information from the government website regarding your rights and entitlements as an adoptive parent.