Adoption Support – what makes us different

The extensive range of adoption support services which SFCS offers is what makes us special – we’re here for you at every step of your journey, both pre- and post- adoption.
Adoption Support - happy family

Our support services are available to anyone who has adopted through our Adoption Connections service, no matter how recently.

From workshops and the Buddy Scheme, to coffee mornings and family events, we provide an extensive network of support and plenty of opportunities to meet others who understand what it is to be an adoptive parent.

And if the going gets really tough, you will have access to one-to-one support.

Our regular surgeries allow you to meet with an experienced social worker and a therapist to talk through your concerns and seek the support you need.

If you’re facing a particularly difficult issue regarding your child, we will arrange a personal meeting with you and your child to decide how we can best help you.

You will find more details about our extensive range of support services below, and are welcome to contact us for further information.

Mother and teenage daughter
Whatever your need, and however tough you may find your new life as an adoptive parent, you are not alone – we are here for you at every step.

SFCS is a registered charity and all of our adoption support services are free of charge to our adopters and their children. If you would like to support our work in this area… 

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“SFCS has taken our need for post adoption support very seriously and been proactive in helping us receive what we need… They have provided access to a family therapist, funded 3 surgery appointments with them in a year and done life story work with our son once a week over at least 6 months.”

An SFCS adopter

Adoption support - group talking

Parenting Workshops & Training

All potential adopters are expected to participate in a range of group training and workshops, provided by SFCS, as they prepare to become approved adopters.

Additionally, SFCS runs a comprehensive 8-part parenting course twice a year, in Spring and Autumn.

This course is designed to offer you ideas and strategies for parenting adopted children, as well as provide you with the opportunity to meet other adopters and build support networks.

We also provide a series of one-off training workshops throughout the year, which cover a variety of important topics such as ‘Life Story Work’ and ‘Parenting Adopted Teenagers’.

And let’s not forget our annual conference.  These events feature expert keynote speakers who delve deeply into the issues of parenting children who may have suffered trauma in their early lives and offer therapeutic solutions.

Adoption support - children on rope ladder

Social Support & Family Events

Our Buddy Scheme puts you in touch with existing adopters whose circumstances are similar to yours.  They will be at the end of the phone to support and reassure you as you go through the approvals process.

Once a month, we hold adopter coffee mornings in our Family Centre, giving you the chance to chat with other adopters and share support whilst enjoying a relaxed cuppa.

We also organise a number of family events throughout the year, such as children’s discos, family picnics and other outings in the local area.

These events help you to meet other adopters and stay in touch with SFCS.

But most importantly, they also give your child a valuable opportunity to socialise with other children who’ve been adopted.

Adoption support - therapy session

One-to-One Support

Many adoptions are smooth and trouble-free, which is wonderful.

But we know that some adoptive families – both parents and children – have difficulty adjusting to their new lifestyles. There is nothing wrong with this.

Remember, SFCS is here to support you, whether there’s a serious issue such as disturbing behaviour from your child, or you’re just having a bad day.

SFCS offers adopters one-to-one support whenever it’s needed.

We can offer a range of counselling and therapeutic support for both you and your child, such as Theraplay® and other direct work with children and young people.

To access these services, all you have to do is pick up the phone. Don’t struggle on alone – we are here to help you.