Birth Connections

The work with birth parents is of an exceptionally high quality; the outcomes of some of the work are extremely positive.  For example, the opportunities provided to birth parents and families to work through some very difficult issues have meant that some have been able to move on in their lives and have parented subsequent children. SFCS Ofsted report, Autumn 2012

At St. Francis’ Children’s Society, we value and respect everyone who is affected by adoption.

Birth Connections is an independent and confidential service, which offers advice and support to birth parents and other relatives whose child is in the process of being, or has already been, adopted.

Support for birth parents

We will:

  • Listen to your feelings
  • Explain things you may want to know
  • Support you with the contact plan for your child
  • Help you talk with, or write letters to, others involved in your child’s life
  • Discuss any worries you have about the future

To find out about the various services which may be available to you through Birth Connections, visit our Support for birth relatives page.

To access this service you need to be living in one of the subscribing Local Authority areas, which are currently Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire. If you are a birth parent in one of these areas, please contact the local authority directly to find out how to access the SFCS Birth Connections service.