Ways to help

“The first time we met our son we were completely star struck. We saw the foster carer leading him up the garden path, just this little figure in the distance. It took our breaths away, knowing we were about to meet him. But then in no time we were running around the garden, blowing bubbles, playing peekaboo and making him laugh – it was the most amazing feeling and we were totally captivated from that point…” An SFCS adopter

Ways to help

Everything we do is aimed at creating the brightest futures for children and families – but this takes considerable investment.

Recruiting adopters requires time and resources. Assessing and preparing a family for adoption takes many hours of social work time, then there’s the support services we provide for adoptive families, and ‘being there’ for that child and family over the years ahead.

We also offer extensive support to adopted adultsbirth relatives and others whose lives have been touched by adoption.

Adoption charity - bake sale

Like any successful children’s charity, we rely on the activities of our dedicated volunteers and regular benefactors, who raise funds, make donations and promote an understanding of our work.

Much of the work which St. Francis’ Children’s Society undertakes is dependent on voluntary funding, so your continued help is much needed – and appreciated!

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Support your local children’s charity

There are lots of ways you can get involved and support the important work we do with adopted children and their families.

You might want to volunteer at one of our events, you might like to take on a crazy challenge to fundraise for us, or you might even like to consider lending your talents and experience to our Board of Trustees.

But we know how busy everyone is these days, so if all of this sounds too time-consuming, you can still help us by simply making a donation – it couldn’t be easier.