Post-adoption family walking away together

Commission our services

St. Francis’ Children’s Society is staffed by a skilled and experienced team of social workers, therapists, counsellors, adoption experts and support staff.

As well as the extensive services we offer to individuals who have been affected by adoption, we can also provide a number of commissioned services to Local Authorities and other organisations.

Our work provides excellent value for money, delivering committed, child-centred services with measured outcomes and continuity of care.

The services available for commission include:

  • A comprehensive four-day Adoption Preparation Group training programme
  • Independent counselling and support services for birth relatives of adopted children
  • Specialist assessments for kinship, special guardianship and step parent adoption placements
  • Adoption Support assessments
  • Specific recruitment for ‘hard to place’ children
  • Conferences and training for schools
  • Lifestory work, Theraplay® and other therapeutic services for children and young people
  • Provision of experienced chairs for adoption panels and disruption meetings

Find out more

To enquire about our Adopter Preparation Groups, please contact Suzanne Strachan or Aysha Badeanu.  To commission any of our other services, or seek further information, please contact our Adoption Support Manager, Sarah McGrory.