Corporate Information

Our Statement of Purpose

This document sets out, in detail, the Statement of Purpose for the adoption service of St. Francis’ Children’s Society, as required by the Voluntary Adoption Agencies and the Adoption Agencies (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations SI 2003/367 and the Voluntary Adoption Agencies (Amendments Regulations SI 2005/3341).  It is updated annually by us and is approved by our Trustees.

We can arrange for the document to be translated, explained or produced in a different format to suit the needs of staff, service users or volunteers.

Click here to read our 2022 Statement of Purpose in full.

Our Safeguarding Policy and Procedure

This document underpins all of our work and is a key tool for the organisation in protecting the safety and wellbeing of children, adults, staff and volunteers who work with us or receive a service from us. The policy is reviewed annually and the 2022 version can be read here. (please note the links in the policy to related documents will not work for external users)

Comments, Complaints & Compliments

We always welcome feedback from the children, adults and professional partners that we work with. This helps us to do better where we need to and to recognise where things are working well.

Our Comments, Complaints and Compliments document will tell you what to do if you need to give us some feedback.

If you are a child or young person and would like to make a complaint or tell us something, you may want to read our Complaint and Talkback Book.

For those who would like a shorter document written in plainer English we have produced our Straight Talk document, available here.