The Diversity Project

The SFCS Diversity Project focuses on those children who wait longest in the care system before they find adoptive families.

SFCS is entirely committed to finding families for those children who are sadly deemed ‘hard to place’. In 2015-16, around 90% of the children we placed with new families fell into this category.

The children who typically wait longest in the care system are:

  • Sibling groups of two or more children
  • Children aged over four years
  • Children with physical disabilities
  • Children with additional special needs
  • Children from black and minority ethnic backgrounds

The Diversity Project actively encourages adopters to put aside any preconceptions they may have and consider whether they could provide a loving home for these children.

As well as increasing the profile of children in these categories, the Diversity Project will offer additional specialist support to those who adopt a ‘hard to place’ child through SFCS.

Don’t rule out a child because you think they will be ‘difficult’ to care for.  Talk to us first – we’re here to help and support you.

To find out more about adopting a child through SFCS, visit our Adoption Connections page or get in touch to begin your journey – no pressure, no obligation.