Post-adoption LGBT family laughing on beach

Children waiting

SFCS is a specialist adoption agency which focuses on recruiting preparing and supporting adoptive families for priority children. The majority of children who are adopted will have experienced a range of challenges in their early life including trauma, abuse or neglect. These adverse experiences often affect their physical and emotional wellbeing, and many adopted children are vulnerable and have complex needs.

Priority children wait the longest in the care system – of all the children who were waiting 18 months or longer in 2020-21 74% were priority children. This includes:

  1. Children aged over 4 years
  2. Children from an ethnic minority background
  3. Children needing to stay with their brothers and sisters
  4. Children with disabilities or complex medical needs

Younger priority children under 24 months available for adoption are usually placed through the alternative Fostering for Adoption scheme or with older siblings. For further information on Fostering for Adoption, please click here

SFCS are particularly keen to speak to potential adopters who would consider adopting priority children. We welcome all kinds of families for all kinds of children, and we offer our families in-depth and comprehensive preparation and support throughout the approval and placement process, and beyond the Adoption Order. All adopted children need a stable and loving home where they can rely on unconditional love and support to help them feel safe. If you think that this is something you can offer, then we would love to hear from you.