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Fostering for Adoption

Are you interested in exploring a different route to adoption? Could you offer an Early Permanence placement to a vulnerable child?

Early permanence is an umbrella term given to placements intended to speed up a child’s journey through care and minimise the disruption of repeated moves to different families. Fostering For Adoption allows children to be placed with approved adopters who have also been approved as foster carers, enabling the children to experience a loving, settled and secure home as quickly as possible.

Why Fostering for Adoption?

When a child can’t live with their birth family, local authorities and the courts are responsible for finding a new family without delay. Children cannot wait.

But children in care do wait. All available options for the child's care must be fully explored before a decision is made to seek adopters. In most cases, during this time the child lives with foster carers. Foster carers do a wonderful and vital job, but children usually only stay with them temporarily while their future is decided. Quite often, children experience a number of temporary placements, which can be disruptive and distressing.

In Fostering for Adoption placements, children are fostered by the people who are likely to become their adopters at an early stage, reducing the likelihood of multiple temporary placements. This decreases uncertainty for children by reducing the number of moves they experience and the trauma associated with this upheaval.

St. Francis’ Children’s Society (SFCS) is now able to offer placements to early permanence carers. Under this process, you would be approved as an adopter by SFCS, and approved as a foster carer by the child's Local Authority.  SFCS offers special additional training to adopters who would like to consider the Fostering for Adoption route.

If you would like to explore this alternative route to adoption, please contact us to find out more.



St. Francis' Children's Society is first and foremost committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people, and expects all prospective adopters to share this commitment. All applicants must be willing to undergo safeguarding checks including DBS checks and Local Authority checks. This is to ensure that no adopter is approved who may pose a risk to children or is otherwise unsuitable.