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Buddy Scheme

SFCS provides a ‘Buddy Scheme’ which is offered to prospective adopters going through the adoption application process with Adoption Connections.

The Buddy Scheme provides support to applicants throughout the adoption process, and post placement too.

A pool of approved adopters have volunteered to ‘buddy up’ to our new adopter applicants.  These ‘Buddies’ will be just a phonecall away if our applicants feel the need to ask a question, are having doubts, or are just looking for some reassurance that the feelings they’re experiencing are natural.

The aim is to match applicants to ‘Buddies’ who have adopted children similar to the hopes of the applicants themselves.  This means we will aim to match applicants who hope to adopt siblings with adopters who have siblings, for example.  We will also try to match applicants to ‘Buddies’ who may be of the same marital status, sexuality, ethnicity etc.

It is hoped that the scheme will enable applicants to freely ask questions and get a greater feeling of the adoption process from those who have actually gone through the process themselves and are in a similar position to the applicants.

It is not compulsory for our applicants to be linked up with a ‘Buddy’, but we are proud to be offering this kind of support as part of our wide-ranging Adoption Support service.

If you are interested in volunteering to become a ‘Buddy’ and helping to support someone who is embarking on exactly the same journey that you have experienced, please contact our adoption team on 01908 572700.

Our range of adoption support services is what makes us different – from family social events to training and workshops, from adopter coffee mornings to one-to-one counselling.  Find out more about the other support services available to you here.