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Become a Friend of St. Francis

August 17, 2020

Almost two years ago, to mark National Adoption Week 2018, SFCS relaunched its regular giving scheme, Friends of St. Francis. By becoming a Friend of St. Francis, you can support our invaluable work with vulnerable children and their families.

We know that it takes a special kind of person to adopt. Often, parents and their adopted children need extra support to navigate this sometimes tricky path. We are proud to offer our families life-long support.

Because of their traumatic past, many adopted children will have complex behaviours and coping mechanisms. Their families often need our support. Every family who adopted through us has access to our extensive range of support services and we are there for them for life.

At any one time, we are supporting over 150 families.  On average, we place 25 to 35 children with families each year. So the number of families needing our support keeps increasing, year after year. To continue providing this high level of support, we need to invest more time and money into our support services.

At present, it costs around £548 per day to run our adoption support services. This covers everything from working with families on an individual basis, adoption support consultationsfamily events, coffee morningsconferences and therapeutic parenting workshops.

We don’t receive funding for our adoption support services. To keep them going, we rely on the support of companies, organisations and individuals who donate and fundraise for us.

The Friends of St. Francis scheme enables supporters to give a monthly donation, providing ongoing support to our work with vulnerable children and their families.

Any amount you can spare could make a huge difference.  Find out more about how your regular donation could help…


Please note, if you are currently in the adoption process with SFCS then unfortunately we are unable to accept any donations until the process is complete.

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