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Black History Month 2016

October 01, 2016

Today marks the start of Black History Month 2016.

Throughout the whole of October, a range of talks, events, workshops and celebrations will be taking place across the UK.  The overarching theme this year is about tackling conscious and unconscious bias against black and minority ethnic communities, and acknowledging how damaging this bias can be.

You can find out more on the Black History Month website, and check out the calendar of events which will be taking place throughout the month.

Mum and son at the park (F4A)With the focus so firmly on the BME community this month, this seems as good a time as any for SFCS to renew its appeals for BME adopters to come forward.

Adoption is a rewarding and fulfilling experience for anyone, and SFCS welcomes all kinds of adopters for all kinds of children – regardless of age, race, cultural background, religion, marital status or sexual orientation.  We are particularly committed to finding families for those children who wait longest in the care system, which includes BME children.  We call our work in this area The Diversity Project.

SFCS Chief Executive Alison Miller says, “At present there are around 2,000 vulnerable children in care who are awaiting adoption.  Many of those children are sadly deemed ‘hard to place’; children over the age of four, sibling groups of two or more, children with disabilities or additional needs, and children from black and minority ethnic backgrounds all wait longer in the care system before families are found for them.

This October, during Black History Month, we’d particularly like to appeal to the BME community – could you provide love, security and permanency to a vulnerable child?”

If you’d like to find out more about adopting a child through SFCS, please visit our Adoption Connections page.  It’s packed with information and resources which will help you find out more.  And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us – we’ll be delighted to speak to you.

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