Father & adopted son holding hands

I’m Searching For Long Lost Family Members

St. Francis’ Children’s Society is committed to helping anyone whose life has been touched by adoption, whether they be a child in care, an adoptive family or an adult who was adopted as a child.

Elderly lady comforting younger ladyBuilding Connections is our birth records counselling and family tracing service. As well as seeking access to their files and paperwork, we can also help adopted adults and birth families to trace their family members.

At every step of this long and sometimes difficult journey, our experienced and sensitive staff are here to offer the vital advice, counselling and support.

At present, we are only able to help adult adoptees who were adopted through SFCS. Our Support for Adopted Adults page will tell you more about the support we can provide.

If you are a birth relative and your child was adopted through SFCS, we may also be able to help you to trace your child or children. Our Support for birth families page will tell you more.