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Get fit for SFCS

January 15, 2021

As we settle into 2021, many people will be making progress with their New Year’s Resolutions.

On 1st January, countless people will have set fitness goals for themselves for the months ahead.  Perhaps you want to run a certain number of miles in January.  Maybe you’re planning to walk a certain number of steps every day.  Or maybe you’re committing to using your bicycle five days per week.

But have you considered that being sponsored for your efforts could really help with your motivation, whilst raising much-needed funds for St. Francis’ Children’s Society?

You could ask people to sponsor you for every mile you run in a month.  If you’re aiming for a certain number of steps every day, you could ask people to sponsor you for every consecutive day you achieve your goal.  Or if your fitness goal for the year includes losing some weight, maybe you could ask people to sponsor you for every pound you lose – £1 for every lb, perhaps!

It’s easy to set up a sponsorship page so that your friends, family and colleagues can donate and support you online.  You can set up a JustGiving page by clicking the orange ‘Fundraise for us’ button on our JustGiving page.  Or you can quickly and easily set up a new fundraiser on Facebook by clicking the ‘Raise Money’ button to the left of the news feed on our Facebook page:


You can obviously use both of these fundraising platforms to raise funds for us in other ways too.  You could set up a birthday fundraiser on Facebook, asking people for donations to SFCS in lieu of gifts.  Or maybe you’re planning a skydive as soon as restrictions are lifted and want people to sponsor you via JustGiving!

If you’re planning to raise funds for us this year, please let us know what you’re doing and how you’ll be collecting donations by emailing fundraising@sfcs.org.uk.  We’d love to be able to stay in touch with you throughout your fundraiser and support you by sharing your progress and fundraising page on our website and social media pages.

We hope 2021 is a successful year for everyone, and that you achieve any goals you set for yourself this year. And if you’re able to raise funds for SFCS while you do it, we’ll be even more delighted for you!


If you’d like to support St. Francis’ Children’s Society but don’t have any plans for a fundraiser, there are other ways you can help us.  You could make a one-off donation on our JustGiving page, or you could become a Friend of St. Francis and support us with a regular monthly gift.  The I’d Like To Help section of our website will give you lots of other ideas for raising funds to support our work with vulnerable children and their families. Thank you so much.

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