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LGBT+ Adoption & Fostering Week

February 24, 2020

LGBT+ Adoption & Fostering Week begins on Monday 2nd March!

More LGBT+ adopters are needed to provide loving, stable homes for vulnerable children in our region. 1 in 7 adoptions in England in 2019 were to same-sex couples, but more than 3,000 children in the UK are still awaiting adoption.

LGBT+ Adoption & Fostering Week gives St. Francis’ Children’s Society the opportunity to encourage members of the LGBT+ community to consider adoption.

Alison Miller, CEO of SFCS says: ‘We know from experience that LGBT+ people often come to adoption and fostering with an open mind and real enthusiasm, as it’s often their first choice for growing their family. Many children in care have had a very traumatic start to life, and we’ve seen them thrive with their new parents.  We need people with stability, love and resourcefulness who can help a vulnerable child with whatever needs they may have.’

SFCS publish a wide range of adoption information resources on their website, alongside real-life stories from gay, lesbian and trans couples who have adopted their children through the Society.

We will also be hosting an information evening during LGBT+ Adoption & Fostering Week. The event is taking place at our Milton Keynes offices at 6.30pm on Wednesday 4th March. Although the event will celebrate LGBT+ adoption, it is open to anyone who is thinking about growing their family through adoption.

Now in its ninth year, LGBT+ Adoption & Fostering Week is organised by New Family Social, a charity that supports LGBT+ adopters and foster carers across the UK. The theme this year is Why not you? and throughout the week, adoption agencies across the UK will be sharing lots of advice and information for the reasons why people from the LGBT+ community should consider adoption and fostering.

Tor Docherty, New Family Social’s Chief Executive, said: ‘Record numbers of LGBT+ people now choose to adopt or foster. But YouGov polling shows many believe they’ll be discriminated against by agencies. We’re delighted that SFCS is trying to encourage more LGBT+ people to explore adoption.’

We’re looking forward to a positive week!

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