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New support services for adopters

May 01, 2020

At this difficult time, we’ve been looking at the various ways we can support our families.  We are delighted that we are now able to offer our families more one-to-one support services, thanks to funding from Children in Need.

As some of you may know, many of our family events and activities during the last couple of years have been funded by Children in Need. Unfortunately, at this time, we’re not able to offer this kind of support to our families. However, we are delighted that Children in Need have just agreed a new proposal, so that we can use some of our funding to support our families in a different way at this difficult time.

If you or your children are struggling at this time, then we have two remote options that might help you…


A Theraplay® consultation with Tory Kermeen

Tory will look at how she might be able to help you to support your child to regulate and maintain good attachments with you, mainly via the use of Theraplay.

If appropriate two further sessions can be offered to you, the first with you as the parent and then the parent and your child. This will be via fun, playful games, tender and nurturing activities.

Tory co-delivers our preparation training, she is trained in Theraplay and is now able to train and supervise others in this field. She has worked in mental health and has a long history of working within adoption.


A consultation with Simon Kerr Edwards

(Please note: We are still offering our normal monthly consultations, with both a senior Social Worker and Simon, which you can still access.)

These special Children in Need consultations will be one-to-one with Simon, offering a timelier response. Simon is a play therapist who has worked with us for some time. He has over 30 years’ experience, supporting families where children have complex emotional and behavioural issues.

These sessions can be for you as a parent, or a child over the age of 13 can access these sessions with Simon directly, with parental permission.

Together you can reflect on issues that most matter to you and your family, with Simon who is an experienced professional who understands the complexities of adoption.

Simon will be interested in your experiences, things that work and things that don’t work, so he can focus with you on your particular set of circumstances.


Frequently asked questions

Q. How do I access this service?
A. To access either of these services, please contact the office at enquiries@sfcs.org.uk in the first instance and we will arrange for our duty worker to give you a call. The duty worker will take a short referral and pass it onto the Adoption Support Manager to assess if this (or something else) might be the right sort of support for you.

Q. Can I access the service if I already have a Social worker?
A. Anyone who has adopted a child via St. Francis’ Children’s Society can access this service. Please note that the sessions will be held remotely via Zoom or another agreed method and will not be recorded. Please make sure you can discuss what you need to as privately as necessary.


Please note…
Children in Need require feedback on the services we provide as part of our funding agreement, so you and/or your child will be asked for this at the end of your session. Simon and Tory will also be asked to write a short report on your conversations. This is so that the information is available for your Social Worker (if you have one) so that they can continue to offer support, and for the Children in Need feedback.

We hope these additional services will be of use to you at this difficult time, and look forward to hearing from you.

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