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Painting volunteers get busy!

June 12, 2017

At the end of May, we were delighted to welcome a team of volunteers to our offices and Family Centre. This dedicated team spent the entire day re-painting the public areas of our office building, including the corridors, kitchen, Quiet Room and Contact Room.

Our volunteers were with us all day on Friday 26th May – which proved to be one of the warmest days of the year so far! But this didn’t dampen their enthusiasm for this worthwhile project, and everyone worked together brilliantly as a team to complete the decorating!

The team of 19 volunteers are all staff at the head office of Sainsbury’s Argos Ltd, which is based in Avebury Boulevard in central Milton Keynes. We are incredibly grateful to them for using their team day to come and support us in this way.

This great opportunity came about thanks to Natalie, one of our adoption support social workers, and her daughter Steph, who works for Sainsbury’s Argos Ltd.  Steph generously asked her mum if there was any way they could use a team day to come and help us out. They eventually came up with the idea of re-painting the communal areas of our office building, to really freshen up and improve the facilities for the families and children who visit us.

This project wouldn’t have been possible without all of the necessary equipment. We are extremely grateful to Brewers in Bradwell Abbey, who donated the paint.  We are also very grateful to the ScrewFix Foundation, who awarded us a grant. This grant enabled us to purchase some of the additional equipment which was required, and additional monies will be used to install new lighting around the building.

We really are grateful to everyone who was involved in making these important improvements to our facilities!

Offering your time or skills is one of the most generous ways of helping St. Francis’ Children’s Society.

Volunteering doesn’t mean that you have to give up hours of your time. The help we need ranges from putting posters up in local community centres, through sharing adoption experiences at an open evening, to becoming a trustee.

Volunteering is a great way of putting your talents to use for a worthy cause, and we guarantee you’ll get a lot out of it too. Please contact us if you’d like to find out more and get involved.

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