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Positive reviews for SFCS online training

May 17, 2021

During lockdown, the Consortium of Voluntary Adoption Agencies (CVAA) has been tapping into SFCS’s expertise in supporting adopted adults and birth families.

Since the beginning of the year, CVAA have invited SFCS to deliver two webinars as part of their Practice Programme for adoption practitioners across the sector – and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.


Delivering services to adopted adults

In February, two of our team delivered an online workshop to adoption practitioners entitled ‘The Benefits and Dilemmas of Delivering Quality Services to Adopted Adults’.  The workshop focused on our Building Connections service, which is our birth records counselling and family tracing service.

Although a person’s experience of growing up in an adoptive family may be a happy one, many adopted adults wish to find out more about the circumstances leading to their adoption. Skilled support is required when an adult decides to explore their adoption history or trace their birth family, and it’s this experience we shared with our colleagues at the CVAA.

80% of attendees agreed or completely agreed that they would return to their agency with ideas which will inform future practice.  One attendee commented, “It was good to hear from a presenter as experienced as this, in an area of work that has been somewhat side-lined due to capacity pressures. This work is likely to become more complex in the future given that the landscape and reasons for adoption are different to those in the past.”

Another commented that the “presenter was very approachable, open to sharing their knowledge and experiences.”

Our Building Connections services are currently only available to individuals who were adopted through St. Francis’ Children’s Society.


Supporting Birth Relatives

In April, we delivered another webinar entitled ‘Working with Birth Relatives’.

Losing a child to adoption can be shattering. Our Birth Connections service is commissioned by Buckinghamshire Council and provides advice, support and counselling to birth parents and other family members who are struggling to come to terms with the loss they have experienced. We were delighted to share our experience in this field with colleagues from across the adoption sector.

93.75% of people who attended this workshop agreed or completely agreed that they would return to their agency with ideas which will inform future practice, and one attendee commented, “I liked how experienced and knowledgeable the presenters were and how they were ‘frontline’ practitioners.”

The training included some audio recordings of an interview with one of the birth mothers supported by SFCS. One participant commented, “The birth mother stories were also good to hear. It felt right to have some direct voices when discussing birth families, and was so important to include the real stories of women who have lost children to adoption.”

All attendees found the breakout sessions useful, and there was clearly a lot of respect for the SFCS staff who delivered the training.  One attendee said, “The session was facilitated by very experienced workers who have clearly developed a wide range of skills over the years.”  Another commented, “The trainers were so interesting, and their experiences of working with vulnerable service users were so helpful.”

We’re very proud of the team which delivers these services, and it’s great to hear such positive feedback about the work we’re doing in these areas.


These links will help you learn more about our work with adopted adults and with birth relatives.  If you would like to commission any our services or enquire about training we could provide, please contact Sarah McGrory via our Contact Us form to discuss your requirements.



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