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Resources for adoptive families during the Coronavirus outbreak

March 20, 2020

Coronavirus is now having an impact on everyone in the UK, and we are all being asked to make dramatic changes to the way we live our lives for the time being. Schools, businesses, and social events are closing their doors to help prevent the spread of the virus.

We know that social distancing and self-isolation will put pressure on many families, but adoptive families may face additional challenges at such a time.

We wanted to provide our adoptive families with some resources which would help them at this difficult time.  We are delighted that we’ve been supported in this by Dr Kerry-Ann Holder, who has provided us with some brilliant documents full of ideas and advice.  We are very grateful to Dr Holder, Consultant Clinical Psychologist with Cardiff & Vale University Health Board for allowing us to share these fantastic resources with you.

There are two PDF files which are full of useful advice for parents, carers and professionals. They also contain fantastic graphics and visuals which can be used to help your children to understand what is going on and manage any anxieties they may have.  The first PDF file is suitable for all parents and families, whilst the second is geared more towards older children. Click the links below to download the PDFs.

Psychological Support for Children Coping with Coronavirus

Young Person’s Coronavirus Survival Pack


We are also happy to share links to other organisations who are providing content which adoptive families may find useful. We will add to this list as and when we become aware of any additional resources out there.

Adoption UK website
Contains updated resources and information for adoptive families who may be struggling at the moment.

A great webpage geared towards children and young people, explaining what Coronavirus is and what they should do if they’re worried.

Young Minds
Young Minds is a UK charity which fights for children and young people’s mental health. Here they offer some great advice for young people who may be anxious about Coronavirus.

If you’re worried a child may be struggling with their mental health or has anxiety about coronavirus, the NSPCC offers advice to help you support them.

Emerging Minds
Emerging Minds, in collaboration with the University of Reading and the University of Oxford, has published evidence-based advice for parents and carers supporting children and young people with worries about Coronavirus. This link includes a downloadable pamphlet.

Schools across the UK are now closed to most families, and children will likely be spending more time online at home while they do their school work and socialise with friends. ThinkUKnow offer some suggestions for things you can do to help keep your child safe online during this unsettling time.

Big Life Journal – Stay At Home Care Package
Big Life Journal focuses on nurturing your children’s mindset, self-esteem and resilience. This free printable pack offers lots of ideas to get your children moving and learning while staying indoors.


We hope all of our adoptive families are staying safe and well at this time. We’d also like to remind you that, although events have been cancelled for the time being and staff are now working from home, we are still available to answer your calls and offer support wherever we can.

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