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SFCS offers an alternative route to adoption

June 20, 2018

Are you interested in exploring a different route to adoption?

St. Francis’ Children’s Society (SFCS) is now able to offer an alternative route to adoption. Through The Triangle Project, SFCS can now offer early permanence placements for vulnerable children and babies.

Early permanence is the term given to placements intended to speed up a child’s journey through care and minimise the disruption of repeated moves to different families. Early permanence allows children to be placed with approved adopters who have also been approved as foster carers, enabling the children to experience a loving, settled and secure home as quickly as possible.

The Triangle Project sees SFCS entering into a partnership with another successful and experienced adoption agency, Adoption Focus, which is based in Birmingham.

Both agencies work with children who need a loving and secure home and to become a part of their new family as quickly as possible.  But children in local authority care must wait while decisions are made about their futures.  Often, children experience a number of temporary placements with foster carers during this time.

In early permanence placements, children are fostered by the people who are likely to become their adopters at an early stage, reducing the likelihood of multiple temporary placements. This decreases uncertainty for children by reducing the number of moves they experience and the trauma associated with this upheaval. Find out more here.

Howard Parker, registered manager of The Triangle Project, said:  “It’s very exciting that St Francis’ Children’s Society and Adoption Focus have been able to launch The Triangle Project together to offer early permanence placements for vulnerable children.  Early permanence is a child-centred solution which means that while these children are in care they are less likely to endure the stress and damage of multiple moves and broken attachments.  As the children are fostered at an early stage by the people who are likely to become their adopters, the bonding process can begin much earlier than in a standard adoptive placement.”

For more information about The Triangle Project and early permanence, please visit the dedicated website www.triangleproject.org.uk or contact SFCS directly for an informal chat.

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