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Spotlight on… Birth Connections

March 23, 2016

Losing a child to adoption can be shattering – for both birth parents and other members of the family. At St. Francis’ Children’s Society, we value and respect everyone who is affected by adoption, and offer support services to birth families at an incredibly difficult time in their lives.

Birth Connections is our independent and confidential service, which offers advice and support to birth parents and other relatives whose child is in the process of being, or has already been, adopted.

Birth Connections is here to offer advice, support and counselling to birth parents and other family members who are struggling to come to terms with the loss they have experienced.

Our experienced team of social workers and therapists work closely with those who are losing a child to adoption, in both one-to-one sessions and in group support sessions.  In this short film, birth parents who have lost their child talk about their experiences, and the support they’ve received from SFCS…

Adults who access the Birth Connections service through their local authority can be sure that we will:

  • Listen to their feelings
  • Explain things and answer any questions they have about the adoption process, the legal requirements etc
  • Support them with a contact plan for their child
  • Help them to talk with or write letters to others involved in their child’s life
  • Discuss any worries they have about the future and offer therapeutic support

To find out more about our work with birth parents and families, visit our Birth Connections page.

To access our Birth Connections service you need to be living in one of the subscribing Local Authority areas, which are currently Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire. If you are a birth parent in one of these areas, please contact the local authority directly to find out how to access the SFCS Birth Connections service. 

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