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Spotlight on… Adopter training

August 19, 2019

At SFCS, we fully understand that adopting a child is a life-changing decision.  So we wouldn’t dream of sending you on this journey without bags of support and adopter training, so that you feel as fully prepared as possible for what lies ahead.

Our adopter training begins almost as soon as you tell us you’d like to adopt a child through SFCS.  All potential adopters are expected to participate in a range of group training and workshops as they prepare to become approved adopters.  This Preparation Training and the subsequent Follow-on Groups are provided free of charge to all of our prospective adopters.

But we don’t stop offering training once a child has joined your family.  We know that this is an ongoing process, and at certain times you might need additional support and advice, no matter how recently the adoption took place.  So SFCS runs a 6-part therapeutic parenting course twice a year (depending on demand).

The course is formed of a series of workshops and offers parents the chance to gain ideas, strategies and support with parenting an adopted child.  This course is free of charge to any adopter with a child in placement.

One parent who attended the course commented, “The course has been the single most useful, positive and empowering thing I have done.  Not only on my adoption journey, but in my life.  Not only has it given me amazing strategies to help my children and family, but also to help myself.”

And let’s not forget our annual conference.  These events feature expert keynote speakers who delve deeply into the issues of parenting children who may have suffered trauma in their early lives and offer therapeutic solutions.  Previous keynote speakers have included Helen Oakwater, Dr Margot Sunderland and Dr Renee Marks.

Crucially, all of our adopter training events and opportunities have something in common – they all provide prospective and approved adopters with the opportunity to meet other adopters and build those very valuable support networks.

If you would like to find out more about the various support services SFCS can offer, please visit our Adoption Support page or contact us with any queries – we’ll be delighted to talk to you.

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