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Spotlight on… the SFCS Family Centre

November 04, 2019

This month, we’re shining a ‘spotlight’ on the SFCS Family Centre.  Opened in May 2014, our Family Centre is a purpose-built centre designed to support and nurture adopted children and their families.

The Centre is light and inviting, and offers safe and secure spaces where direct work with children, adults and families can be undertaken.  It provides families with varied opportunities to connect with each other with the support of our specialist social workers.

The Centre comprises three main rooms.  The first room is a large, light, open space which is often used for adopter training and large group sessions.  The second room has full kitchen facilities and equipment, as well as a comfy play area with children’s toys and books.  This provides our adopted children and their families with an ideal space to get messy and play together in.

The third room has a quieter feel to it.  The gentle lighting, comfy sofas and soft furnishings make it the perfect space for a therapy session or that much-needed one-to-one chat, for both adults and children.  And of course, the Centre is surrounded by a safe, enclosed garden, giving children the perfect space to really let off steam.  Photos of the Centre can be found here.

As well as all of the training, support and therapy, the Family Centre has also played host to a number of the family social events we run for our families.  Easter Egg Hunts, Christmas Sing-Songs and Summer Picnics have all seen the Centre full to the brim with excited children and their families!

Significant numbers of children in care come from complex backgrounds and have had traumatic experiences; some of these children need specialised therapeutic support in order to settle and thrive throughout their developing life. Our Family Centre is a vital part of our commitment to supporting the children adopted through SFCS, and indeed anyone else affected by adoption.

SFCS is a registered charity, and our Family Centre wouldn’t exist without the support of generous donors, supporters and fundraisers.  To find out how you can support our important work with vulnerable children and their families, visit our I’d like to help page.

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