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Spotlight on… Social Support & Family Events

April 24, 2019

Adopting a child is a life-changing event.  Anyone who adopts a child through SFCS will be guaranteed the best support services to help them on their journey.

But as well as the professional help and advice offered by our staff, we also believe it’s vitally important for adopters and adopted children to have contact and share support with others who are in the same position as them.

Prospective adopters with SFCS are offered the opportunity to join our Buddy Scheme.  A pool of our existing adopters have volunteered to ‘buddy up’ to our new adopter applicants.  These ‘Buddies’ will be just a phonecall away if our applicants feel the need to ask a question, are having doubts, or are just looking for some reassurance that the feelings they’re experiencing are natural.

Our monthly coffee mornings give adopters the opportunity to enjoy a cuppa and have an informal chat with other adoptive parents and SFCS staff.  Adopters can share their experience with others, ask for advice with any difficulties they’re having, or simply enjoy the company of other adoptive parents.

On top of this, we also offer a full calendar of social events, for both children and their families. You will find there is an activity taking place during most school holidays, giving families the opportunity to try something new and spend time with their children and other adoptive families.

Events on our calendar last year included indoor rock climbing, an Easter Egg Hunt, horse riding, and a Christmas Disco. This year, with the support of Children in Need, we will be offering children the chance to try Paddle Boarding and Bush Craft, and providing a ‘Confident Kids’ course.

Our events are usually free of charge for our adoptive families, but we will occasionally ask for a small donation if the cost of running an event is particularly high.

To find out more about our extensive adoption support services, please visit our What support will I get? page.


If you adopted a child through SFCS and are not currently on our adopter mailing list, you and your family could be missing out. If you are an SFCS adopter, please contact us to make sure you are on our adopter mailing list – this is the only way to ensure you receive full details of each of our events.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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