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The ‘I Am Safe’ Project

April 27, 2020

SFCS have launched the ‘I Am Safe’ Project to help our children and their families focus on the positives during what, for many, will be a stressful and troubling time.

When the world feels like a scary place, it can be hard to think of happy times.

When we feel like this, it can help to imagine a ‘safe place’. This is somewhere where we might feel calm, safe or content. A place to escape to.

During these difficult times, we want to support our families and help the children to focus on what makes them feel safe and secure.

We would like you to email in photos of your child’s drawings, pictures, paintings, models of their ‘safe spaces’ – the places where they know ‘I Am Safe’. We will then bring these images together, make a short film and share this with everyone.

There is no limit to what you can create – any artwork which represents your safe space will be great. This could also make a good homeschooling art project! We just ask that the photos you email over don’t include any people, just your fabulous works of art.

By emailing a photograph of your child’s artwork, you are giving consent for it to be included in the film, which will be shared online via our website and social media channels.

To participate in the ‘I Am Safe’ Project, please email a photo your child’s / family’s artwork to vickyh@sfcs.org.uk by 9am on Monday 11th May. The film will be created and released by the end of that week. Those who contribute will receive an email to let them know when the film is ready.


Coronavirus is having an impact on everyone in the UK, and we have all been asked to make dramatic changes to the way we live our lives for the time being.

We know that social distancing and self-isolation will put pressure on many families, but adoptive families may face additional challenges at such a time.

We wanted to provide our adoptive families with some resources which would help them at this difficult time.  We are delighted that we’ve been supported in this by Dr Kerry-Ann Holder, who has provided us with some brilliant documents full of ideas and advice. The downloadable PDF files, plus a wide range of useful links and resources from other organisations, can be found here.

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