Companies, Schools & Organisations

Partnering with St. Francis’ Children’s Society shows that your company, school, church, organisation or club is socially responsible. It also provides great team-building opportunities and can be great fun!

We are happy to visit you and talk about our work so that everyone involved in supporting us has a better idea about what we do. To arrange a visit, please fill out the contact form below or e-mail us.

Working with organisations has provided vital support to the families we support. We have worked with a number of companies, schools, churches and clubs in a variety of ways.

Below are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Whether you’re looking for a ‘Charity of the Year’ partner, would like to take part in Let’s Eat or do something entirely different, then we’d love to hear from you.

Idea #1:
Donate supplies

We gratefully receive in-kind donations too, whether it’s raffle prizes, office supplies or even unused activity books for the children.

Schools and kids clubs: Why not ask the children to bring in a soft toy from home and it could feature in a soft toy tombola.

Idea #2:
Let's eat!

Pick a day during National Adoption Week in October and celebrate it by taking part in Let’s Eat. Have a BBQ or an afternoon tea. Everyone attending makes a suggested donation.

Schools and kids clubs: A BBQ in the afternoon of the last day before October half term would be the perfect celebration for National Adoption Week.

Idea #3:
Organise a Grown-up Kid's Quiz

‘Back in my day…’, ‘When I was your age…’. Re-live your childhood and organise a Grown-up's / Kid’s Quiz.

Idea #4:
Sponsor an event

Sponsor an event or materials such as our running vests or t-shirts.

Idea #5:
Make us your chosen charity

Choose us as your Charity of the Year. Leanne, our Fundraising Officer, will be your dedicated point of contact. She will work with you to create a bespoke and fun year of fundraising with your club, organisation, school or church.

Idea #6:
Take part in a challenge

Take part in a sponsored something; it could be a local run or a challenge of your own making (sponsored silence, cycling 100 miles as an organisation etc)

Schools and kids clubs: organise a read-a-thon for World Book Day. Prizes could be awarded for the most books read and the most sponsorship received.

Idea #7:
Donate your pay

Donate your pay and have a games day – celebrate National Children’s Day (14th May) and regress to your childhood. Spend the morning (or entire day!) playing board games and ask for a donation in return.

Schools and kids clubs: celebrate childhood! Spend the morning (or entire day!) playing board games and ask for a donation in return.

You can set up your own Just Giving page here. For more information or to get your organisation involved, contact Leanne Sinclair, our Fundraising Officer at or on 01908 572700.