Volunteer with us

Offering your time or skills is one of the most generous ways of helping St. Francis’ Children’s Society.

Volunteering doesn’t mean that you have to give up hours of your time. The help we need ranges from putting posters up in local community centres, through sharing adoption experiences at an open evening, to becoming a trustee.

You could…

  • Put a poster up in your local doctors surgery, community centre or library
  • Become a ‘welcomer’ at a First Wednesday information event
  • Share your adoption experience with others considering adoption
  • Write an adoption blog for us
  • Become a trustee
  • Become an SFCS Ambassador (see below for details)

Become an SFCS Ambassador

St. Francis’ Children’s Society is growing a community of people who want to share their experience, support SFCS and support one other. They are diverse in terms of age, gender, life experience and location. What they have in common is that they have experience of adoption and a desire to give something back.

There are many activities to get involved with as a SFCS Ambassador including:

Support and expertise: Some of our SFCS Ambassadors are willing to talk to others about their experience of adoption or offer peer to peer support through our Buddy Scheme.

Raising awareness: SFCS Ambassadors raise awareness in a number of ways which can include distributing leaflets and posters in their local area, talking to the media or volunteering at events and awareness stands.

Fundraising: Many want to support our work by organising events in their local area to raise vital funds for St. Francis’ Children’s Society.

With our support you could…

  • Start a local SFCS fundraising and awareness group
  • Organise your own fundraising event
  • Help at a bucket collection or awareness stand
  • Hold your own bucket collection

Telling your story: Sharing your experience is a powerful way of engaging and inspiring others. Everybody’s adoption experience is unique and different, and sharing your wisdom is a wonderful thing for people who are starting out on their adoption journey, or even those who are still considering adoption. Your story could feature on our website and social media channels, inspiring others to find out more about adoption.

Volunteer Contact

St. Francis' Children's Society is first and foremost committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers working with children to share this commitment. We apply recruitment and selection procedures which seek to ensure that no employee or volunteer is appointed who may pose a risk to children or is otherwise unsuitable to work with them.