Where your money goes

Our support services are available to anyone who has adopted through our Adoption Connections service, whether it was recently or years ago. Preparation groups, training, surgery appointments are open to all, and more specialised therapy and counselling is available to our families who need it.

From workshops and our Buddy Scheme, to coffee mornings and family events, we provide an extensive network of support and opportunities for parents and their adopted children to meet other adoptive parents and adopted children.

Your support could…

…provide an adopted child with a session with an experienced social worker or independent therapist. Some adopted children need specialised support in order to settle and thrive throughout their developing life, and some adoptive families have difficulty adjusting to their new lifestyles. Whatever they need, we are here for them.

… help us organise an event or day out for adopted children. Learning new skills and the social interaction with children who may come from similar backgrounds is vital for their development. Previous activities have included rock climbing, horse riding and nature walks.

… cover the costs of our adoption information events and help us to find more families for children in care

… fund our 6-week therapeutic parenting course for adoptive parents. One parent who attended the course commented, “The course has been the single most useful, positive and empowering thing I have done. Not only on my adoption journey, but in my life. Not only has it given me amazing strategies to help my children and family, but also to help myself.”

… support one of our family days which enables parents and children to meet, socialise and importantly – have fun!

… enable a child to have life story work. Helping a child to understand their past and make sense of the potentially traumatic experiences they have gone through, they can move forward with confidence and understanding.

… support adoptive families who may need a bit of extra help through our drop-in sessions. Whilst adoption is rewarding, it also comes with challenges. We are here to help.

… connect adoptive parents to one another so that they can offer peer to peer support through our Buddy Scheme

… cover the costs of the coffee and biscuits enjoyed during our coffee mornings where our adopters can meet for a chat and share support with other adoptive parents.